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Connect with new Greenbrook families!
The Greenbrook PTA Welcoming Committee will occasionally set up play dates or send out information especially for new families.  If you would like to be included in these communications, please fill out this short form:
Greenbrook PTA Welcoming Committee
We are here to help!

Greenbrook PTA Welcoming Committee




Getting to know either your first or a new school can be intimidating.  We are here to make that transition a bit easier!  We have gathered helpful information in one place to get started.


Greenbrook basics banner
Important People to Know
  • Ailsa Rehkopf, Principal -
  • Lorre Heyes, Office Manager -
  • Kim Anthony, Office Assistant -
School General Hours and Info
Hours: 7:15 am-4pm  Tel. 925-855-530
School Calendar - SRVUSD Instructional Calendar
Bell Schedule - 
  • There may be Minimum Days not on the District Calendar that are specific to certain schools.  Look at the Greenbrook Bell Schedule Minimum Days to include them on your calendar
If your child is going to be absent from school or tardy for any reason (doctor appointment, etc.), call the attendance line and NOT the school main number.  Program it into your phone!   

Attendance Line - 925-855-5399
There are various forms of communication to learn what is happening in the Greenbrook Elementary community.  You must sign up for these to receive school communications:
You will always be included in Principal and District communications as long as your email address is up to date in the Parent Portal (see below).
Greenbrook Weekly Sunday Newsletter
  • Greenbrook's primary news source from the school, PTA, Eagle Fund, SRVUSD and other important resources
  • Sign up HERE
Room Parent Communications
  • Each class has a room parent.  They may occasionally send out communications specific to your class or pass along information from the school, PTA or Eagle Fund.  You must opt in to receive these communications during Back to School Night or by contacting the Room Parent or Teacher.
  • Electronic flyers containing information on school/district events, camps, outside vendors, etc. that may be of interest to our school community.  May contain advertising.  Some sources are passed along as a courtesy, but not endorsed by the school/district.
  • Sign up HERE
Parent of Greenbrook Facebook page
  • Get the latest announcements from the school, PTA, and Eagle Fund
  • Follow us HERE
Parent of Greenbrook Instagram page
Greenbrook Twitter - @GreenbrookElem
  • Register at the beginning of the school year
  • Parent Portal: You need to establish a Parent Portal account to access your student’s information and to update your personal information. If you have not done this, go to:
  • Link to registration page  - District Annual Update (via Parent Portal) & Greenbrook Registration: you can walk through the steps by clicking on the first “Quicklink” on the right hand side of the GB homepage called “Register Your Child.” Please complete both Annual Update and Greenbrook Registration.
  • Lunch Program: If your child will eat hot lunch at some point in the year, it is free.
  • Volunteering at Greenbrook
  • Register with BeAMentor in order to volunteer at school and on field trips: Go to “Quicklinks” on the right hand side of the GB homepage and click on “Volunteer Clearance,” which will take you to the district volunteer site. Click on the green “new volunteer” button to get started:
  • PTA Sunshine Support: Use the sunshine link on the left hand side of the Greenbrook webpage to volunteer to help with the sunshine committee efforts and/or to request sunshine support for a family in a tough place (ie, death in the family, medical hardship, etc.
Important Resources to Have Handy
  • Link to medical If your child needs or might need someone at school to administer medication (ie, epipen), you will need to have your physician complete a “medication at school” form for each specific medication you leave in the office. For more information:
**Please note: the only authorized location for quick car drop off and pick up is in the front of the school. There is plenty of neighborhood parking to park a car and walk students up to school.
School Organizations
PTA (Parent-Teacher Association)
PTA is the largest and oldest volunteer organization working exclusively on behalf of children and youth. It is a
group of dedicated parents who build strong working relationships among parents, teachers, and school in
support of students.

Events Sponsored by PTA at Greenbrook: Popsicle Social, Greenbrook Goes Global, Movie Night, Makers
Fair, Run for Education, Red Ribbon Week, Health & Wellness, Garden, Fall and Spring Dance, and many
other. Please see below flyer for more on what Greenbrook PTA does. General Meetings are open to all.
PTA would love to see you attend any or all of their meetings this year. For dates and times, please go the
school website and click on PTA at the top.

Eagle Foundation
The Greenbrook Eagle Fund is a non-profit entity dedicated to raising funds, through the collaboration of
parents, educators and the community, to maintain and enhance the quality of education at Greenbrook
Elementary School. The Eagle board oversees the fundraising and works with the administration and teachers
to determine how the money raised will be allocated.

What does the fund pay for?
The money raised pays for programs and resources that are an important part of elementary education, but are
not paid for by the district. This year, the EAGLE fund will commit $200,000 to pay salaries and support for the
following programs: Classroom/Teacher Support, Technology, Art, Vocal Music, Library Instruction, and
Rainbow Room. For more information please go to the school website and click on “Eagle” on the top.
Site Council
The Site Council acts in an advisory role and in conjunction with the Eagle Fund and Greenbrook Elementary
PTA. Site Council supports school improvement programs such as Early Intervention for reading and math,
Perceptual Motor for Kindergarten Staff Development, ELL, and the GATE program. For more information
please go to the school website and click on Site Council on the top.