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  • Open to all Greenbrook students in Kindergarten - 5th Grades
  • Students must be able to make all scheduled tryouts and rehearsals
  • 3rd Graders NOTE: 3rd Graders may be in either the K-2nd or 4-5th shows depending on the total number of acts.  You will be notified after tryouts are complete.
  • Emcees & Stage Crew - only 5th Graders are eligible to audition for Emcees or be on the Stage Crew
  • LABEL props with Act Name.
  • Bring props to Dress Rehearsal.
  • Some props (in particular large props) will be left at school following the Dress Rehearsal until the night of the show.
Check out some of Greenbrook's amazing talent from past shows!


Talent show acts
Students in grades K-5th can showcase their many talents through dance, singing and instrumental performances, comedy routines, gymnastics, martial arts and so much more!
The theme is Greenbrook's Got Talent so let your imagination run wild!
  • Performer Registration Deadline: 2/28/20
  • Final Cut Music Deadline: 2/28/20
  • 5th Grade Emcee & Stage Crew applications due: 2/28/20
* No parents please in the MPR during Rehearsals *
  • Tryouts (MPR):
    The purpose of tryouts is NOT to cut acts.  It is to evaluate each act to make sure each is prepared and appropriate for the show.  We try to accommodate all acts and that is why we adhere to strict 1 minute 30 seconds time limitations per act.
    • 3rd/4th-5th Grades: Tuesday, 3/17  (times TBD)
    • K-2nd/3rd Grades: Wednesday,  3/18  (times TBD)
    • 5th Grade Emcees: Tuesday, 3/17 OR Wednesday,  3/18 (times TBD)
  • 3rd Grade performances and 5th Grade Emcees/Stage Crew will be notified of show placement by March 23rd.
  • Rehearsals (MPR):
    • 3rd/4th-5th Grades: Tuesday, 3/31 @ 3:15-5:15
    • K-2nd/3rd Grades: Wednesday, 4/1 @ 1:30-3:30
  • Dress Rehearsal (MPR):
    • 3rd/4th-5th Grades: Tuesday, 4/14 @ 3:15-5:15
    • K-2nd/3rd Grades: Wednesday, 4/15 @ 1:30-3:30
    • Bring LABELED props. Props will be left at school until the night of the show.
  • Daytime Show (MPR):
    • The daytime shows let the performers share their talents with the rest of the school.  This free show is also open to family and friends (limit of 4 tickets per family for the evening shows).
    • K-2nd/3rd Show: Friday, 4/17 @ 9:40am
      • Come to school in full costume
    • 3rd/4th-5th Show: Friday, 4/17 @ 1:30pm
      • Bring costumes to school
  • Show Night:
    • K-2nd/3rd Show: Friday, 4/17 @ 6:30pm (Arrival time 6pm)
    • 3rd/4th-5th Show: Friday, 4/17 @ 8pm (Arrival time 7:30pm)
    • Bring performers to the classrooms closest to the MPR.  Their Act Name will be posted on their assigned greenroom (classroom).  Students will remain in their assigned greenroom for the duration of the show.  They will watch a movie or play games with adult supervision.  Parents will collect their children from the stage following the curtain call.
Ticket Sales
  • Ticket sales: Monday, 3/23 - Monday, 4/13
  • 4 tickets per family
  • K-2/3 Show - Kristin McCollum, or Linda Eisenberg,
  • 3/4-5 Show - Lindsey Goodell, or Kim Koontz, 
  • Registration or tickets - Tina Nishino,
Talent show April 2020
  • Must be 1 minute - 1 minute 30 seconds long - no exceptions!
  • School piano available.  Other instruments must be provided by student.
  • No small slight of hand magic tricks
  • Costumes need to be elementary age appropriate - no midriff tops, shorts/pants need to be worn under skirts
  • Final cut music due by 2/28/20
  • Final cut music must be NO LONGER than 1 minute 30 seconds
  • Lyrics must be elementary age appropriate - no love songs, swear words or overt sexual or violent references
  • Music file name must include Act Name
  • Background music encouraged for non-musical acts
How to cut music:
There are many free, easy online music editing tools available.
  • Purchase or download your music from YouTube (also free apps available)
  • Use an easy online tool like to cut and fade music