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Special Needs

Greenbrook Special Needs News
Do you have a child that may not be exactly in the proverbial box? Maybe, they have challenges academically, socially or behaviorally? If so, you are not alone! Gain the knowledge you’re seeking by attending these events: 
Wednesday, September 18, 7pm: The Homework Battle: Strategies To Help Families Get Homework Done Without the Nightly War Zone
Gale Ranch Middle School (6400 Main Branch Road, San Ramon)
This will be a panel discussion for parents of students with IEPs to learn about homework expectations and strategies to partner with teachers and school staff to support their students at home. Panel will include Middle School Principal, District Administrators, School Psychologists, and Special Ed Teachers to discuss what can be a challenging partnership for parents to navigate.  We will discuss: 
  • What is the Official Homework Policy? How do you know if it needs to be modified? 
  • Strategies to help build a homework routine that works for your family
  • How to Initiate Effective Communication with your child’s teachers 
Please fill out the form to give your specific Homework question/problem for our Panel to address. 
Tuesday, October 1, 8:40am: Special Needs Coffee Talk
Greenbrook Elementary
Do you know or suspect that your child has a learning disability? Does your child have a 504 plan or an IEP and you want to know more about the process? Do you want to meet other parents who have a child with an IEP? If you answered yes to any of these questions, come learn about the IEP process. What is an IEP? What is the process to get an IEP? How does an IEP work? What is the difference between an IEP and a 504 plan? 
Principal Rhea Murphy and Special Needs Liaison Christine Koene will be going over the process and answering questions. They will share tips on how to work together with the teachers and school to ensure your child has the best education possible. There will also be parents on hand to tell about their special education journeys. 
Please RSVP here

Tuesday, December 3, 7pm: Special Needs Parent Support
RSVP & Location will be posted soon
Danna Pomeroy is the PTA Special Needs Chair for Greenbrook Elementary and Charlotte Wood Middle School.  She has extensive experience and passion around navigating the intricacies of the Special Needs programs in SRVUSD, particularly in elementary and middle school.  Join her for an informal discussion about special education and how to support each other. We will work together to come up with ideas about small changes that the district and schools can make that will make a big difference to families who have children with special needs. 
Danna Pomeroy
Special Needs Representative for Greenbrook & Charlotte Wood