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Greenbrook Elementary School
1475 Harlan Drive
Danville, CA 94526
Office Phone: (925) 855-5300 
Attendance Line: (925) 855-5399
Ailsa Rehkopf, Principal
Jyoti Dave, Vice Principal
Lorre Heyes, Office Manager
Kim Anthony, Office Secretary


Greenbrook Elementary School is a very unique place. It is a beautiful campus, nestled amongst a tree-lined greenbelt, which winds throughout the sleepy neighborhoods surrounding campus. Over a decade ago, Greenbrook was torn down and rebuilt from the ground up. It is now a showcase of beautiful buildings designed around a grassy quad and flagpole, where we gather weekly as a school community. We are lucky to have technology installed in each classroom providing students with important tools for 21st-century learning. However, none of that is what truly makes Greenbrook special. Greenbrook excels because it is a place where staff, parents, and students collaborate to ensure success for all students.
From the moment you pull into the Greenbrook parking lot, one of our staff members will welcome you with a smile. If you arrive on a Wednesday morning, you will see first through fifth grades gathered in the quad for our weekly flag salute. The school spirit generated from our school-wide gathering can be felt throughout the day.
Parent volunteers are woven into the daily routines on campus, assisting in the learning in kindergarten through fifth-grade classrooms. You might see one of our COWS moving class sets of laptops for our upper-grade students to use in their classrooms. Technology is ever-changing and evolving and continues to be steadily implemented in various manners across all grades at Greenbrook. Lunchtime brings more volunteers and some of them aid in organizing board games and student activities for recess. Every day, you will find a group of students eagerly waiting to lend a helping hand with the upkeep of our campus, thanks to the connection our beloved custodian, Tania, has brought to our campus.
As you enter the administration building, you will find the heart of our intervention and support programs. Special Education staff members, in collaboration with the reading and math intervention programs, address student academic needs while the Rainbow Program and School Counseling and Intervention Program support social/emotional growth. These programs work closely together with the teaching staff to meet the needs of our students both in and out of the classroom. Our experienced and dedicated staff actively engages all students through a diverse, and evolving curriculum. At Greenbrook, we pride ourselves on supporting the whole child and all learning styles.
Our teaching staff works collaboratively with parents and community volunteers to bring a diverse and well-rounded education program to our students. Parents and teachers are actively involved in the PTA, EAGLE Board (Education Fund), and Site Council. There is shared leadership in the decision-making process for the overall success of the school. Parent volunteers help raise funds to provide art and music programs, as well as technology, paraprofessionals, reading intervention, and the Rainbow Program. The camaraderie between staff extends well beyond school hours and across grade levels, which leads to unity and meaningful collaboration on behalf of our students.
It is not uncommon to find former students stopping by campus on their walk home, or coming back years later to begin their career in education as a student teacher or even a staff member. Every child who attends Greenbrook Elementary has a multitude of opportunities to achieve academic, social, and emotional success. As you leave Greenbrook, you leave with a sense of community and warmth that cannot be measured.
Gold ribbon schools seal
Greenbrook Elementary School
The School Accountability Report Card (SARC) is intended to provide parents and community members with a quick snapshot of information related to public schools. For additional information about the school, please contact the school office or the Principal.
Greenbrook SARC 2016-17
(published in 2017-18 school year)