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What exactly is SOAR?
Watch this video to learn more!
SOAR ideals


updated August, 2022
  • To keep our campus secure we ask that only students are on campus inside the gates for drop-off and pick-up.
  • There is no staff supervision on campus after 3:15 p.m. Make sure there is appropriate supervision for your student after that time.
  • Volunteers and visitors are expected to sign in and out of the office when volunteering on campus. Remember to wear a visitor badge when volunteering on the Greenbrook campus.
  • Students may not be in a classroom without a teacher present.
  • Students are expected to dress appropriately for school. Students dressed inappropriately will be asked to change.


Last updated: May, 2017
Students must always:
1. Be Respectful (others, self, equipment).
2. Be Positive (words, body language, attitude).
3. Best Effort (try your best and apologize for mistakes.
If all people in a game agree to modify a rule the rule may be changed. 
  • If even ONE person present at the start of the game disagrees then the PE rules are used.
  • People changing games during play may not change previously agreed upon rules. 
  • ALL play or NO play, no student may be excluded from the game. 
  • If two players disagree during the game, they will use "rock/paper/scissors" to resolve conflict.


FOUR SQUARE (4 Player Game)
  • Ball starts in service square with a toss into any other square. 
  • Ball may be caught and then tossed or hit directly into any other square by player receiving tossed ball from server. 
  • No throws or hits that go over the head of other players (cherry bomb). 
  • No out on serve. 
  • Rotate counter clockwise toward the service square (A) new player enters in (D).
  • Same rules for 4th and 5th only no catching ball. Only time ball may be held is during serve.
TETHERBALL (2 Player Game)
  • Newcomer has the option of picking serve or direction the ball is thrown.
  • The ball is served by throwing, hitting, or pushing the ball. 
  • Ball may be caught, or struck by either player at any time after the serve (unless the ball is on the other player’s side). 
  • When the rope wraps around the pole completely causing the ball to strike the poll the game is over.
  • If a player makes a mistake such as touching the rope, stepping on the other player’s side, or climbing the pole the player is out.
  • Winning player may stay in for a maximum of 3 games.
  • After everyone has played one game (PE only) have students play winners where only the person who makes the mistake goes out of the game.
  • The small pie slices are shared space for both players.
  • Same rules for 4th and 5th only no catching ball. The only time the ball may be held is during serve.
HANDBALL (2 Player Game)
  • Ball must bounce once before hitting wall and may bounce once or not at all prior to other player making a play on the ball. 
  • Players may catch, hit, or push the ball making it bounce prior to striking the wall. 
  • You may hit the ball as hard or as soft as you like.
  • After everyone has played one game (PE only) have the students play ‘winners’ where only the person who makes the mistake goes out of the game. 
  • Newcomer serves by throwing or hitting the ball to the wall. 
  • Winning player may stay in for a maximum of 3 games before going back in line. 
  • Same rules for 4th and 5th only no catching ball. The only time ball may be held is during serve.
  • Basic baseball rules with no sliding to prevent injuries. 
  • Every person kicks during the first inning of play. 
  • After first inning student should play 3 outs or everyone kicks whichever comes first. 
  • No running after the pitcher has the ball in hand. 
  • No stealing or leading off of base. 
  • No throwing the ball at runners and no sliding into bases. 
  • The person who pitches kicks last 2nd to last batter would be 2nd pitcher. 
  • Switch positions every inning.
TWO-TOUCH (2 Player Game)
Two-touch is a soccer lead up game that allows the student to work on passing and trapping skills that will be used for soccer.
  • Newcomer serves by kicking ball against the wall. 
  • The other player now has two touches to get the ball to strike the wall. 
  • Players may use any part of their body (except arms and hands) to make the ball strike the wall.  
  • If the ball is touched more than 3 times, hits arms or hands, or hits same player after striking the wall the player is out.
  • Winning player may stay in for a maximum of 3 games. 
  • Ball may be kicked as hard or as soft as the player likes and can be struck in any direction off the board.
  • After everyone has played one game have students play winners where only the person who makes the mistake goes out of the game.