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Student Council




We, the Student Council of Greenbrook Elementary School, believe that encouraging school spirit, building students’ self- esteem, and communication are very important concepts to the student council body.
To meet these concerns, we shall provide means for:
  • Responsible and effective student participation in student council events and control of student affairs.
  • Taking action in the best interests of the student body as well as the community at large through fundraising activities.
  • Providing an official voice for the expression of student concerns.
  • Fostering an awareness of the students’ relation to peers, self, and community.


Mandatory meeting for all students interested in running for student council office in Room 402 at 12:45pm.  Packets with deadline information will be handed out. All students planning on running in the primary election must have signed-in as proof of attendance.
Applications due to Ms. Eplin by 12:30pm. No late applications accepted.  Please note: Applications must have your parent’s and teacher’s signatures.
Primary campaign begins at 10:30 recess. No stickers or flyers may be given out at all during this time.  Do not hang anything before 10:30 or it will be taken down.  You must bring your own supplies to hang your poster and poster can only be hung in the MPR.  Parents are not allowed to assist in hanging posters; Ms. Eplin & Mrs. Carothers will be there to help. Thanks!
Primary voting day in the tech lab. All classes must vote by 12:30pm. Primary election results announced at end of the day. (only 4th and 5th graders vote) 
Final Campaigning ends at the 10:30 recess.  This will include the elected candidates from the primary election only!  No posters may be out before 10:30 and posters only hung in the MPR.
Thursday 9/20/18
Speeches will be held at 2:00pm in the MPR.  Speeches will be given to all 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. All posters must be removed by 3:00pm on the 17th. ALL STUDENTS RUNNING MUST BE PRESENT TO GIVE SPEECHES IN PERSON. Thank you. (3rd graders will come watch speeches, but only 4th and 5th graders vote.)
Friday 9/21/18
Voting must be completed by 12:30pm with your class. Final election results announced at the end of the day.
Campaign Rules:
  • You must have attended mandatory meeting and signed-in on Thursday, August. 30, 2018.
  • You must have a completed application turned in to Ms. Eplin by 12:30pm on Friday, September 7, 2018.
  • You may spend no more than $20.00 on all of your poster supplies.
  • You may have a maximum of one poster, which cannot be any larger than 22 X 28 inches.
  • Posters must be made on poster board. (no thick poster boards)
  • You may not hand out anything during recess or wear anything with your name or slogan on it for the campaign.
  • Any inappropriate campaign items will be taken away for the duration of the election.
  • Posters are to be hung in the MPR only. You must bring the supplies needed to hang posters. We have found that push pins work best on the MPR wall. Parents are not allowed to assist in hanging of posters. Thanks.
  • Posters may not be hung or passed out until the 10:30 am recess on Monday, September 10, 2018.
  • You will be automatically disqualified if you deface or damage anyone’s poster.
  • Student council members are expected to be respectful and courteous candidates. If you do not behave respectfully, you will be disqualified.
  • Students who make the "final round" or general election will all be included in student council, forming committees that will help elected officers.
  • Candidates running for office will be giving speeches for the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade student body at an assembly on Thursday, September 20, 2018.
  • Speeches may be no longer than two minutes in length, and must be given in person. No videotaped speeches allowed.
  • You may use props, costumes, music, or poems. HOWEVER, NOTHING MAY BE THROWN OUT INTO THE AUDIENCE.
  • No other student can assist you in your speech.
  • Content of your speech must be appropriate for school.
  • Speeches will only be given by students who proceed to the final campaign portion of the election.


Offices Available:
President- 5th Grade Only
Vice President- 4th or 5th Grade
Secretary- 4th or 5th Grade
Treasurer- 4th or 5th Grade
Spirit- 4th or 5th Grade
Publicity- 4th or 5th Grade
Meetings will be held after school. There may also be times where you will be required to come to school early or stay late. Other meetings could arise from time to time. Please remember this is a true commitment to leadership.


Participates in Wednesday Flag Salute
Develops agenda for all meetings with Miss H beforehand
Runs student council meetings
Responsible for school announcements
Participates in all student council activities
Participates in Wednesday Flag Salute
Responsible for activity outlines and putting them in binder
Fills in when president is absent
Assists president with decisions or announcements
Participates in all student council activities
Participates in Wednesday Flag Salute
Takes legible notes and has keyboarding skills
Takes notes at all meetings and types up meeting minutes
Writes thank you notes
Participates in all student council activities
Participates in Wednesday Flag Salute
Keeps track of money with a budget
Counts money from fund raisers
Acts as primary cashier at fund raisers
Participates in all student council activities
Participates in Wednesday Flag Salute
Helps promote and count spirit days
Promotes school spirit
Participates in all student council activities
Participates in Wednesday Flag Salute
Makes banners and signs to promote student council activities
Informs office staff about what student council is up to
Promotes student council activities through announcements
Participates in all student council activities