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When you have completed your “challenge,”submit your name on this Google Form to be entered in a weekly drawing for the “Soaring Eagle” award.  The class winner will be awarded the small eagle mascot and will bring it to the flag salute the following week to pass it on to the new class winner.


Soaring Caring/Kindness Award:
Be on the lookout for one kid who displays outstanding behavior with being Caring or Kind during the months of November and December. Use this Google Form to nominate your student at the end of the month: These students will be recognized at Flag Salute, take a group photo for display in the front office, and receive a small gift of appreciation.




NEW...SignUpGenius: Lead a Flag Salute!
SOARing Teachers...please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up your class to lead a Flag Salute presentation! 
Create and share a 1-3 minute presentation on the trait of the month...CARING/KINDNESS. It can be presented by the teacher, a student, a group of students, or the whole class and/or with a buddy class! Remind students to speak clearly and project their voices. Have fun & be creative! 
  • Share your Sanford Harmony Goal and how your class is achieving it
  • Create a skit
  • Share how someone in your class has demonstrated the monthly trait 
  • Sing a song
  • Share a poster or activity
  • Select a quote(s) related to the trait and interpret it
  • Share an inspiring true story 
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The “Challenge" Activity: 
Special note: Please feel free to customize/modify any challenge to fit your grade-level needs. 
Have You Filled A Bucket Today? book cover
1)  Read the book, Have You Filled A Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud. Have an interactive conversation with your students related to the character trait of CARING/KINDNESS. Click here for an online version of the book. 
2) Using the Sanford Harmony MeetUp/BuddyUp model, discuss & agree on a caring/kindness goal related to the book and have a discussion about the book’s theme using the Sanford Harmony MeetUp/BuddyUp model. When possible, check-in with your students throughout the month of November/December to see how they are putting to practice the trait of being kind in their lives. 
MeetUp: Established a class goal related to caring/kindness, such as, service activity, for example, make cards to send to a Veteran, help make the family dinner, play with someone who looks like they need a friend, hold the door open for someone, remind a friend to zip up their backpack, offer help to someone in need, spread joy-give someone a complaint, lend a hand whenever you can, etc., discussed and agreed on by the students during the MeetUp session.
BuddyUp: Pair/group students for a brief discussion on the goal. Here are some example “Quick connection” conversation questions:
Discussion Questions for Have You Filled A Bucket Today?
  • What is the purpose of our invisible buckets that we carry?
  • How do people feel when their buckets are full?  How do people feel when their buckets are empty?
  • What is a “bucket filler?”
  • What are things you can do to fill others’ buckets?
  • What is a “bucket dipper?”
  • What are things that people do when they are a “bucket dipper?”  
  • Why can’t you fill your own bucket by dipping into someone else’s bucket?
  • If you fill someone’s bucket, whose bucket also becomes filled?
  • Has your bucket been dipped into today? If so, how?
  • How have you been a bucket filler today?
Click here for Google Slideshow to project questions for students.
Bonus Activity:  FREE RESOURCES for Activities related to the book, "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" 
Here is a link to a RAK, Random Acts of Kindness, calendar your class to see how many of these acts of kindness they can complete in 30 days.


Each Kindness book cover
Those Shoes Book cover
Kindness quote
Kindness quote
kindness quote


Click here to access a playlist of several videos related to CARING/KINDNESS. There's some for all grade levels!